Investment Criteria

American Housing REIT buys primarily from professional aggregators who have acquired, renovated and rented homes prior to our purchase; such aggregators exist since the marketplace for their inventory has been well established in recent years. These aggregators want to see AHR as a returning customer in this context, risk mitigation lies in the fact that we are viewed by these regular suppliers as ongoing buyers that they want to retain. We also mitigate risk by requiring lease and tenant analysis prior to closing, and by visiting every home outside and also inside before close. Every home we acquire is subjected to financial analysis prior to any visit by AHR. Another layer of risk mitigation is the current well documented, continuing housing recovery in the U.S. That is, home price appreciation (“HPA") is not factored into our analyses a home’s financial analysis must stand on its rental income to warrant acquisition. Homes are insured against any catastrophic damage (hurricanes, tornadoes), and no homes are in a flood plain.

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