PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Developed by one of the subsidiaries of ZH International Holdings Limited

Zensun Fenghuashangjing

South of Longhu Neihuan East Road, east of Chunlei Street, Zhengdong New District.

Site Area (approximately):45,505sq.m

Total GFA (approximately):77,118sq.m

Architectural Form: Residential

Estimated Completion Time: 4th quarter of 2022

The view that our five Shangjing projects embrace the Beilong Lake makes excellent scenery. Located at the intersection of Chaoyang Road and East Cannel at Beilong Lake, Zensun Fenghuashangjing, our fifth Shanjing project, covers a total site area of approximately 68 mu with plot ratio of 1.699. With 770 mu East Cannel Park and High School Attached to Shanghai Normal University to the west and The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University to the east, the project enjoys the best landscape of the city. Besides, the project sustains the high-end quality of Shangjing series, thus offering an outstanding housing choice to people living in central China.

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