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Zensun Longhushangjing

Zensun Longhushangjing

Site Area (approximately): 62,286sq.m.

Total GFA (approximately):185,842sq.m.

Architectural Form:Residential

Estimated Completion Time: 4th quarter of 2020

As a masterpiece project of the Group, Zensun Longhushangjing ranks the top of Shangjing project series of the Group. Located at Beilong Lake in Zhengdong New District and the junction of Zhongyi Road and Chaoyang Road, the project enjoys the quintessential resources of the city. The project covers a total site area of 93 mu with plot ratio of 1.49. It has aggregate GFA of approximately 186,000 sq.m.. Designed by Australia PT Design, the project is inspired by the palace architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty with respect to its construction and type, featuring squarish layout with a central axis, comprising 23 blocks of new Chinese-style 5-storey bungalows with lifts. The project provides units with GFA of approximately 142 –209 sq.m., boasting health, intelligence, safety, quality, and culture. Featuring oriental elegant living style, the project is available for people living in Central China.

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