PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Developed by one of the subsidiaries of ZH International Holdings Limited

Zensun Jingkai Plaza

the intersection of Hanghai Dong Road and Jingkai Ninth Avenue, Zhengzhou City

Designated land usage : commercial
Total site area : approximately 48,000 sq.m.
Estimated/planned aggregate GFA: approximately 296,000 sq.m.
Completion time: 1st quarter of 2018

Located at the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhengzhou City (“ETDZ”), Zensun Jingkai Plaza is situated in the southeast of the intersection of Hanghai Dong Road and Jingkai Ninth Avenue. It is the landmark project in the ETDZ in which theGroup made substantial investment in 2015. The project has a total site area of 72 mu with planned aggregate GFA of 296,000 plot ratio of 4.499 and greening ratio of 25%. The project adopts a semi-open concept with an open and self-containing design. It is encompassed by nine building blocks, including four Grade 5A deluxe office buildings, four single office buildings and one white-collar deluxe commercial apartment building. The project features the best investment potential and development prospect, as It is currently the largest and the highest class commercial complex under development in the ETDZ, well served by supporting facilities.

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