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Zensun Xinghan Garden

Project location : 300m to the east of the junction of DaheRoad (North 4th Ring) and Guxu Road (West4th Ring extension),Zhengzhou City

Designated land usage : residential
Total site area : approximately 34,500 sq.m.
Estimated/plannedaggregate GFA: approximately 95,500 sq.m.
Completion time: 4th quarter of 2017

Zensun Xinghan Garden covers a total site area of 52 mu with estimated aggregate GFA of 95,500 sq.m. Being a low-density,scarce and high-end residential community with plot-ratio of 1.99,Zensun Xinghan Garden has a high greening ratio up to 30% and becomes the first and genuine quality
residential community in Gurung Town in Zhengzhou City. Styled with the most fashionable modern Chinese architecture,
the project comprises seven blocks of 8-storey bungalows situated at the central scenic area, three blocks of 18-storey low-high-rise at the north, totaling 648 units.Each bungalow has two units on each floor. Each unit is designed with three rooms, a
living room, a dining room and two wash rooms.Units on the 1st floor with GFA of approximately 116 sq.m. contains a
garden of 50 sq.m. and a basement of 80 sq.m.. Units on the 2nd floor with GFA of approximately 120 sq.m. contains a
basement of 50 sq.m.. Units on the 8th floor with GFA of approximately 140 sq.m.has a hanging garden. For the three
blocks of low-high-rise, all are designed with four units on each floor with two staircases and each unit is in small to medium size with GFA of 88 sq.m.. The project is specially designed with separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic,and a kindergarten with GFA of
1,661 sq.m. at the south-western corner catering to the community needs. The project enjoys scenic environment and easy access.

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