PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Developed by one of the subsidiaries of ZH International Holdings Limited

Zensun Zhenruishangjing

East of Longteng 2nd Street, south of Ruyi River West 2nd Street, Zhengdong New District.

Site Area (approximately):68,819sq.m

Total GFA (approximately):106,882sq.m

Architectural Form: Residential

Estimated Completion Time: 2nd quarter of 2022

Zensun Zhenruishangjing, a masterpiece of the Group’s Shangjing series, is located at the heartland of Beilong Lake with a maximum height of 20 meters. The project covers a site area of approximately 103 mu with plot ratio of 1.49 and greening ratio of 35%. It comprises 23 blocks of 6-story bungalows with low density and is planned to be developed into a 2,500 sq.m. high-end community club. Standing opposite to Longhu Financial Island, which is to be the financial center of central China in the future, the project enjoys high-end urban resources comprising 4 hospitals, 23 primary schools, 13 junior high schools, 7 senior high schools and 7 parks surrounding the lake. Together with international first-class team, the Group plans to develop the project into a model residence in central China. The project is designed by the teams of Shanghai PTArchitects, S.P.I Landscape Group and Steve Leung Design Group in Hongkong as to integrated planning and architectural design, the landscape planning as well as interior design, respectively. The project attracts a number of first-class brands in the world with new Chinese-style architecture, which is designed for elites living in central China.

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